Excellent biofuel with coffee beans

In London , is already using a biofuel, extracted from the coffee , his energy is clean and sustainable It is Shell Oil And Bio-Bean created this biofuel, being an example of innovation in the energy sector, clean and friendly with the environment, using the waste of coffee.


Atacama Desert turned into a carpet of flowers

In this year 2017 in Chile, The Atacama Desert is convirtiro in a carpet of colors, due to climate change and the heavy rains   The heavy rains that have fallen in recent months in the north of Chile have dressed in green the Atacama desert, the driest in the…


Technological inventions for pets

Already exist in the market, all kinds of devices for caring for pets, this serves to always stay in touch with them, has a camera, microphone, and you can see in real time, by the cell phone, tablet, or cumputador. This device and was created to keep the health of…


The big business of apps

Currently we spend more than 54% of our time connected to the internet with our cell phone, therefore have changed our consumption habits, communication is the reality of today, therefore the creation of mobile applications, is decier, the apps are big business. For an application to be successful, it must…

casa mar

Homes designed with a lot of imagination and originality

Thanks to the imagination , you can build houses in almost any place in the world as in the top of a mountain, in the middle of the sea, on the top of a tree , headlights. This house was built on a rock in the river Drina, in the…

uñas con boca

Have fun decorating your nails, with thousands of options

In our look, our nails are a fundamental part and always should be spotless and with the best designs. With a little imagination you can decorate your nails, here are some examples of this trend. Our hands are one of the parts of our body that are most viewed, therefore…


Schedule and control your home with a single button.

Today it is possible to count with modern spaces controlled by the tecnnologia to share with family and friends, clients or employees, and enjoy this modernity. This technology is called Automation, arrives to deliver solutions to make your day to day easier, safe, comfortable and fun. Have a unique space…


SOS in danger of extinction the beautiful tiger

Today, July 29 is celebrated the International Day of the Tiger with the goal of raising awareness on the need for conservation. The largest cat in the world is in danger of disappearing if urgent measures are not taken, as all six species of tigers existing to date are included…

pets cats

Discover the benefits of a cat at home

Those of us who love animals, we can discover at some point in our lives, the benefits of having a cat in our house, qui listed a few of the many advantages of having them in our home. Good Company is inevitable feel accompanied when we have a pet at…


The miracle of the cosmetics of a fruit

The cape gooseberry is a fruit with a high nutritional value because of its content rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, but recently it has been discovered that the leaves that cover also have properties that benefit our health, especially the health of our skin. The Biochemistry French Marie Christine…